RingHTML 3.0

RingHTML 3.0 is the upcoming new version of the already top-rated HTML editor. This version has a few differences. Firstly, it features a proper Multiple Document Interface; then it has an updated interface with themeable menus and toolbars; and last, but not least, RingHTML 3.0 is open source! The QuickPage wizard will have been radically updated, and some new editors (cascaded stylesheet and form) will have been added. The script editor is will still there, as will the table and list wizards. The AutoForm Wizard also will make an updated appearance.

RingHTML features a clean interface, with plenty of space for editing your web page. It allows the power user to directly edit the HTML, while providing a number of small wizards for common tasks like inserting hyperlinks, images, objects, forms, etc.

Note: This is not a complete version of RingHTML 3.0. Rather, it is a preview release. This is what it looks like so far, and this download will be updated from time to time as the application is written. Raoul has decided to release it like this since it is open source software, and he wants to be quite open in the development as well.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows: 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP/2003
Disk Space: about 7.6 Mb
Processor: Anything that can run Windows
Memory (RAM): 32Mb, 64Mb Recommended (more with Windows 2000 and up)
Internet Explorer 4 or higher (for internal browser).

Version History

Date Version Comments
20 November 2005 Upgraded JVCL to version 3.0; Fixed bug in storage and retrieval of settings; Implemented Find and Replace functionality; Separated automatic closing of quotes from closing of brackets and braces
25 July 2005 Changed storage of FTP settings from a local .ini file to using the Windows registry; Added encryption of the FTP passwords
25 July 2005 Added rudimentary FTP uploading; Changed storage of settings from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER
15 July 2005 Minor cosmetic improvements; Added closing of braces, brackets and quotes to the editor
15 February 2005 Included HTML autocomplete functionality in PHP mode; Updated the "Insert Specific Tag" dialog to use a TBX toolbar; Started including version in install file; Started keeping a version history
3 January 2005 Changed button images; Implemented web update; Implemented "multiple syntax" highlighting for PHP; Added PHP class wizard


Version: (released 20 November 2005)

Installation File: rh3setup.exe

Source Code: rh3src.zip


RingHTML 3.0