How Technology Has Shaped Online Gaming

Technology has certainly developed rapidly over the last few years. The mobile gaming industry is currently estimated to be worth around $100 billion and this is due, in no small way, to technology.

When people take part in online games such as slots, they are trying to win money by spinning the reels to see if a certain combination of symbols is displayed. People love to think that they can win a lot of money and the potential is certainly there. Now that the technology has developed and spread so quickly, the attraction towards online games is even stronger.

The growth of the Internet and the development of mobile phones has meant that developers have had to work quickly to keep pace. All industries have been affected by the rapid development of technology. As more people spend time online and complete tasks such as shopping, the technology had to evolve to allow them to do this and to also allow each site to compete with others. The same applies to gambling sites.

In 2012, online gaming and gambling rose by around 75% and trends like these are believed to continue. Billions of dollars are placed as bets each year and many people who are using online casinos do so with a mobile phone. More activity on online gaming sites has also led to bigger payouts.

Some games were very easy to convert over to offer a mobile-friendly version but other games were not so easy and required further development. Online slots followed games such as bingo to help offer a much better casino experience.

However, some online casinos are offering games that are not as technologically-advanced as they are on other sites. Online poker, for example, is notoriously difficult to develop and one of the reasons for this is that there is so much that needs to be shown onscreen.

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