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HTC S710 - cool keyboard

Yep, my review of the HTC S710 is on IOL Technology. Here's the blurb: Sliding out the QWERTY keyboard keeps our reviewer amused as he takes a look inside the S710 smartphone from HTC.

Read more in my review on IOL Technology.

Telkom's leaps backward

We all know about the appalling state of broadband Internet access in South Africa, and Telkom's stranglehold on growth in the Internet market. However, sometimes I don't think we realise how BACKWARD Telkom really is.

Take this for example...

Reviewing a cellphone

I'm reviewing the HTC S710 for IOL Technology. Interesting phone. Has WLAN, Bluetooth, USB (of course) and *cough* Windows Mobile 6. I'm no Windows fan, but I thought I'd see if Microsoft was any good in the mobile arena.

openlp.org nearing 1.0 final release

openlp.org is nearing it's final release, and we're putting together a distribution pack to market openlp.org to churches. See the openlp.org website and my blog entry on there for more details.

Defending the blog

I read a nice article today on News24.com about blogging by Benedict Kelly, since it's been a hot topic in the South African cyberspace after David Bullard wrote his little tirade on blogging and Patricia De Lille has been outspoken about censorship of blogs. And it's nice to see someone actually doing some thinking and investigation before spewing out some garbage about a subject they know very little about.

Venezuela launches open source PCs

Read on Tectonic today:

Following up on their support for open source software and technological independence, the Venezuelan government launched the "Bolivarian Computer" earlier this month. Built locally, the computers come in four different models all of which run on Linux.

Read the rest of the article.

Why you don't run Windows and ASP.NET on your webserver.

Update: I lost the image in migration over to Drupal.

Those of us in the open source world have long known that open source software is often better software. Today I opened up the Sunday Times site, and found this (screenshot taken on 18 June 2007 at about 11:45am):

Image goes here

Now, at 12:18, they're back to normal, but I presume there was some chaos at their development center...

openlp.org beta 6 released

Well, I've just released openlp.org 1.0 beta 6. This is the last beta release, the next release will be RC1. However, last night when I tried to install beta 6, I found one show stopper bug, so it looks like I'll be releasing RC1 sooner than expected.

There are a few other bugs as well, that I found, and so I'm going to see how many I can find and "exterminate" this week, and hopefully release RC1 at the end of this week with the major bugs fixed, and look to RC2 for any additional minor bugs.

More network fun.

Well, since Wednesday (not that I can talk about yesterday, since I was off sick), my PC here at work has been acting up. Every hour or so, I would lose all network connectivity. I'm still not sure why. I can't think of anything I have done to the machine on Tuesday. I haven't installed some weird software. But, talking of weird software, there is some software that is only making things worse, some process that seems to create an "alternate private address" like Windows does.

Things that Linux can do that Windows can't

I came across this list of things on Dan Martin's blog, and I thought I'd bring it to the attention of whatever audience my blog has. Us geeks need to spread the FLOSS as much as possible, and this is another feather in your cap.