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Giving up on ADSL

So I've decided to give up on getting ADSL. For two reasons.

Firstly, I don't think Telkom will actually give it to me where I currently live. They've had various contradictory excuses about why they can't give me ADSL, and I'm really just sick of fighting.

Secondly, we have to move out at the end of the year, and so it doesn't make sense to order it, wait 2 months, and then just as we get it, we move out.

CITI, where's the Open Source Software??

So recently CITI, the Cape Information Technology Initiative, had a competition in the schools in the Western Cape to promote IT in the youth, called Youth in IT, and had a few winners. That's great, so they're promoting use of computers, and IT skills. I only have one problem. They're not promoting Open Source Software like they're supposed to.

The penny drops!

This morning I read a news article on MyADSL about how Telkom is making life very difficult for ISP's who want to make use of it's ADSL reseller package. Apparently they "lose" orders, their support is just as atrocious as ever, they have to wait for as long as 500 hours before getting an order number at times, and the excuses they get for all the above problems, as well as excuses about not being able to give the user a line, are just pathetic.

Telkom's reponse

So Telkom responded to my last complaint... only after I'd added a comment to my complaint about how they still hadn't gotten back to me after 4 days...

So when is Telkom calling me?

Yet another post to hellopeter.com:

Telkom's empty promises

I'm so sick of Telkom... what is a guy supposed to do to get a decent Internet line to his house? Reposted from hellopeter.com

So I complained...

So after more waiting, and Web Africa telling me nothing, essentially, I went to www.hellopeter.com and complained about Telkom. And I got a phone call from them the next day.

A very nice customer service chap (aren't they all nice...?) phoned and asked me for my telephone number and then promised to get back to me. He did too, which was somewhat of a surprise, but he had disappointing news. He told me that according to Telkom's systems, there was no application against my telephone number.

Diving into Python

I've been threatening to learn Python for a while now, and last night in a moment of boredom, I decided to install TurboGears on my server and learn some Python and TurboGears at the same time.

Well, the ride has been fun so far. I went back to the site and looked at the 20-minute Wiki tutorial, and have been really impressed with what I need to do (and what I *don't* need to do) to write an application.

Hello Telkom, I'm still here and I'm still waiting...

If I remember correctly, ICASA told Telkom that they have to take a minimum of 3 weeks to install an ADSL line. So I ordered my ADSL line (hoping that by this stage they have most definitely finished the "project") on the 30th of July (I think), and so I'm now in the 4th week of waiting for my line. Granted, I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks, but that's just ridiculous!

And now, this takes the cake. A friend of mine also did a self-install, and he was up and running in 3 days! Yes, THREE DAYS!

The post-review experience of the HTC S710

So after I reviewed the S710, I needed to wipe all my settings, etc. So first we do the manual thing, of course.