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Getting Firefox to look good in KDE

Anyone who uses Kubuntu will know that Firefox looks absolutely awful in KDE. Recently my friend Richard tipped me off on a way to make Firefox (and other GTK applications) really look like a KDE application. Here's how...

RANT: Churches and Computers

The background

We have a chap at church who is very pro Microsoft. The type where, when confronted with an inescapable fact that shows Microsoft for who they really are, will come up with some excuse to help him deny the truth. While ordinarily this would not make a difference, in our situation, he is on the church council, and is a respected member of the church. He is also able to get hardware from the suppliers due to a business of his which has accounts with said suppliers. This means that when the church needs new computers, they ask him.

Raoul on UI design

I'm sure that most folks in the IT world have come across Joel Spolsky, and his blog, Joel on Software. Now Joel has some fantastic articles on recruitment, and I think he really knows his stuff when it comes to employment. However, every now and then he seems to have a delusions of grandeur and he thinks he's an expert on other things.

Telkom & ICASA: I don't understand

I read a story on IOL Technology today about Telkom increasing their rates again. In fact, I saw the double full page advert in the Cape Argus about their rate increase as well. There's one small, yet often overlooked fact about these increases: they have to be approved by ICASA.

HowTo: Huawei E272/Vodacom/Ubuntu Hardy

So I did say I was going to both blog about my installation of the Huawei E272 and then post it on the CLUG wiki. My apologies for not having done this sooner, I've had a few other things on my plate.

RANT: Ster Kinekor, get some real infrastructure please!

Ster Kinekor runs Windows everywhere. How do I know? The numerous times I've had to deal with their pathetic infrastructure.

I have had to start up their TicketLine/SelfService computers on numerous occassions. Yes, you read that correctly, I had to start the TicketLine application on the computer, because it had bombed out or something. There was one time when it took me 10 minutes just to get a ticket from one of those machines. I was furious.

Vodacom e-mail account statements and Striata Reader

Dear Striata,

Please update your Linux version. I don't run an rpm-based distro (indeed, the most popular distro for the last 3 or 4 years has been Ubuntu, a deb-based distro), and the 2.4 Linux kernel was thrown out with the rest of the cruft years ago.



2008: Year of the Command Line

Like most Linux geeks out there, I'm fairly used to using the command line, and often prefer it when doing some of the more administrative tasks (opening up and using Synaptic/Adept takes about 3 times the amount of time it does typing in "sudo apt-get install pkgname").

However, most Windows users' complain about possibly having to use the command line. One comment I saw on a blog I read recently was, "This is 2008, why do we have to use the command line?"

Yay! I got my HSDPA Internet up and running!

I recently got a permanent Internet connection at home thanks to Vodacom's HSDPA connectivity solution and my brand spanking new Huawei E272 modem. So now I sit here, happily surfing at around 1.5Mbps.

After a lot of Googling and things, I started to wonder if I'd ever get my modem to work under Linux. There were posts about the E220 and the E620, but I had almost nothing come up on the E272. However, the standard Linux Device Rule came to my aid: When in doubt, just plug it in and see what happens.

Python, Qt4 and Eric4 on Mac OS X

As part of our move to a cross-platform application and a more open source development environment, in openlp.org we've been evaluating C++ versus Python, wxWidgets versus Qt, and other similar issues. In lieu of that I decided to try my hand at installing Eric4, an IDE for, and written in, Python and Qt4.