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Security: Windows vs Linux

This evening I was thinking about the various security measures put in place at work. Although I use Kubuntu on my desktop, our network is a Windows/ActiveDirectory network.

The main thing I was thinking about was the password policy. ActiveDirectory has been set up to force a password change every 30 days. Of course this means fun for me once a month, since I don't log in via ActiveDirectory, and I only realise that my password has expired because I can no longer log into the bug tracker and I haven't had any new e-mails for two days.

2008: Year of the Command Line

Like most Linux geeks out there, I'm fairly used to using the command line, and often prefer it when doing some of the more administrative tasks (opening up and using Synaptic/Adept takes about 3 times the amount of time it does typing in "sudo apt-get install pkgname").

However, most Windows users' complain about possibly having to use the command line. One comment I saw on a blog I read recently was, "This is 2008, why do we have to use the command line?"

Worse Than Failure: Only on Windows?

Many people know the site Worse Than Failure where you can find stories on really stupid developers and techies. Often it's a combination between laughing, and hitting oneself on the head because you're so overcome by the stupidity of the developer(s) in question.