Open Source

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How NOT to conduct yourself online

Many of you know that I am the project leader of an open source worship presentation program called OpenLP. Yesterday evening, as I was doing something on OpenLP's project page on (a popular repository for open source projects), I glanced at the reviews page and the one below caught my eye.

The True Cost of Open Source

This afternoon I came across a blog post entitled The True Cost of Open Source, in which the blogger tries to dissuade churches from using open source solutions, and thereby promote their own proprietary CMS.

I commented on their blog post, but I don't know if they'll post it, because I show them up for what they really seem to be doing. So with this in mind, I've posted my full, unedited reply below:

Lucid LoCo - A Drupal Theme for Ubuntu LoCo's

After the Ubuntu-ZA site went down, David Rubin wanted to organise to have the site redone. As a long-time helper with the site, he asked me what my thoughts were, and we agreed that a wiki was possibly not such a great idea, especially when the Ubuntu wiki contains a lot of helpful information already, and our wiki was mostly being used for news and static content. We thought that it was possibly duplicating content from the Ubuntu wiki, and therefore there wasn't much use in making the site a wiki.

Project Statuses

I'm not an avid blogger, but I've been particularly quiet on this blog for a while now. This is due in part, I think, to the amount of project work I do, and the fact that I have a "little person" at home, and he takes quite a lot of time I'd probably be spent programming and blogging away from me.


OpenLP is a cross-platform lyrics projection system for churches.

Christians in OSS

I have recently started a new project, as an off-shoot of the Christians in OSS blog that I was part of, also called Christians in OSS. This one, however, is a mailing list-based community of Christians who want to see Open Source Software promoted in the Church and in Christian organisations.

Project HQ 0.1.3 released!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I've finally released a new version of Project HQ, with some significant functionality added. Last night I uploaded version 0.1.3 to's servers.

Project HQ is plodding on nicely

Yup, Project HQ is making some nice progress, thanks to Python and the SQLAlchemy database library. SQLAlchemy really makes dealing with the database very easy.

Most recently I've been implementing an access control system that makes use of permissions and roles. SQLAlchemy makes dealing with this a breeze, and Pylons makes implementing it in the application very simple and easy. I think the most complicated part will be the roles and permissions management interface! is now known as Project HQ

I previously blogged about, my open source project management system which I'm writing in Python and Pylons. Unfortunately I could not get hold of the domain name due to a domain squatter, so I decided to take the easy route and rename the project.

Yay! I got my HSDPA Internet up and running!

I recently got a permanent Internet connection at home thanks to Vodacom's HSDPA connectivity solution and my brand spanking new Huawei E272 modem. So now I sit here, happily surfing at around 1.5Mbps.

After a lot of Googling and things, I started to wonder if I'd ever get my modem to work under Linux. There were posts about the E220 and the E620, but I had almost nothing come up on the E272. However, the standard Linux Device Rule came to my aid: When in doubt, just plug it in and see what happens.

Python, Qt4 and Eric4 on Mac OS X

As part of our move to a cross-platform application and a more open source development environment, in we've been evaluating C++ versus Python, wxWidgets versus Qt, and other similar issues. In lieu of that I decided to try my hand at installing Eric4, an IDE for, and written in, Python and Qt4.