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First Impressions of the Nokia N900 - Part 2

Unfortunately I was quite pressed for time when I wrote my blog entry the other day, so I wasn't able to say everything I wanted to. I have a bit more time today, so I thought I'd write up a few things I didn't get to say then.

Firstly, after using Quassel for a little, I wanted to make the interface a little less crowded. So what I did was to remove some GUI elements like the status bar, and reduce the font size. Here's what Quassel looks like now:

First Impressions of the Nokia N900

A few weeks ago I finally bought myself a Nokia N900. I saw it a while ago in the news, and as soon as I heard that there was going to be a phone with a proper Linux distribution (as opposed to Android which is basically Google's JVM sitting sort-of directly on the kernel), I wanted to get that phone. Not only that, but the phone's features were also pretty darn convincing.

For those who don't know know the phone's specs, here's a brief run-down: