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Building an Ubuntu or Kubuntu Natty Package for Choqok 1.1

Choqok seems to be about the only native microblogging client for KDE. It's actually a rather nice app, but I've found it to be rather buggy when it comes to Twitter authentication. For the last few months it has moaned about not being able to authenticate, after which it crashes. Starting the app again does the same thing, which means it crashes constantly, and you're left without a Twitter client.

Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala - Kwik, Kool and Krackerjack!

With the recent release of Ubuntu 9.10 there has been a spate of negative publicity for this latest release, with a lot of people bemoaning broken upgrades and various other installation issues. Having only had 1 failure out of 7 upgrades, I thought I'd blog about my experience with the upgrade, and my thoughts on the new version of Kubuntu (since that's the particular flavour of Ubuntu that I use).

Ichthux.com relaunched!

The ichthux.com site has been down for months due to the fact that the server it was hosted on crashed and died a horrible death. Every now and then we'd get folks in the #ichthux channel asking, "Is the project dead? Cause the web site seems to be..."

So I decided last week to do something about it, and I took over the running of the website. Fortunately, Raphaƫl had managed to retrieve the data from the DB, and I was able to stick it on my development server at home and build the site up again.

Getting Firefox to look good in KDE

Anyone who uses Kubuntu will know that Firefox looks absolutely awful in KDE. Recently my friend Richard tipped me off on a way to make Firefox (and other GTK applications) really look like a KDE application. Here's how...