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Migrating Drupal forums to Vanilla

One of the complaints I've heard fairly often from users of OpenLP is that our forums lack somewhat in usability and features. With this in mind, as part of the OpenLP 2.0 release, I wanted to see if I can move the forums over to some alternative forum software. However, I have a few important prerequisites:

Lucid LoCo - A Drupal Theme for Ubuntu LoCo's

After the Ubuntu-ZA site went down, David Rubin wanted to organise to have the site redone. As a long-time helper with the site, he asked me what my thoughts were, and we agreed that a wiki was possibly not such a great idea, especially when the Ubuntu wiki contains a lot of helpful information already, and our wiki was mostly being used for news and static content. We thought that it was possibly duplicating content from the Ubuntu wiki, and therefore there wasn't much use in making the site a wiki.

Moving To Drupal

I've used Wordpress on odd occassions, and been semi-impressed with it on all occassions. Recently I have been using Drupal for a variety of things. I used it when I had to put together a sort of a community site for work, and then again when Hannah and I started our blog, I used Drupal again, because I wanted the ability to expand it to more than a blog (and I'm oh so thankful now that I *did* choose the Drupal route, now that we have our wedding photos up there).