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Migrating Drupal forums to Vanilla

One of the complaints I've heard fairly often from users of OpenLP is that our forums lack somewhat in usability and features. With this in mind, as part of the OpenLP 2.0 release, I wanted to see if I can move the forums over to some alternative forum software. However, I have a few important prerequisites:

Database-configured Theming in Pylons

Yesterday I looked at very simple theming in Pylons, and mentioned that I'd prefer loading the current theme from the database rather than the configuration file. So this evening I decided to see if I could achieve that.

Migrating Quassel from SQLite to PostgreSQL

Last week I noticed that in one of my usual software updates, I got an upgrade to Quassel. The Ubuntu packager had packaged version 0.5rc1 and put it in the backports repository. This was all great, and I was amped to upgrade my Quassel Core to 0.5rc1 as well. Little did I know the issues it would cause...

Upgrading Quassel Core is usually a very simple process: shut down the old version and run the new version. This time didn't prove to be so successful. I ran the Core, it detected an older database and it upgraded the database. That all went well, and then the trouble started.