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Building an Ubuntu or Kubuntu Natty Package for Choqok 1.1

Choqok seems to be about the only native microblogging client for KDE. It's actually a rather nice app, but I've found it to be rather buggy when it comes to Twitter authentication. For the last few months it has moaned about not being able to authenticate, after which it crashes. Starting the app again does the same thing, which means it crashes constantly, and you're left without a Twitter client.

Python, Qt4 and a Mac OS X 10.4 .app

So after my last attempt to compile Qt4 on my Mac, and getting the same error repeatedly, I decided to submit a bug report. One of the guys at Trolltech replied to my bug report, and asked me a number of questions, including "Have you completely removed your previous installation of Qt4?"

Of course I have, I thought, but I decided to go and double check everywhere. Lo and behold I found some files I'd forgotten about. So then I decided to recompile Qt4 again, and was very glad to see that it worked! A make and sudo make install later, I had Qt4 installed.

Compiling Qt 4.4.3 on Mac OS X 10.4

Development of the next version of, "my" open source lyrics projection application, is underway and gaining speed. We're wanting to make it cross-platform, and so we've decided to use Python and Qt4 (by way of PyQt4).

Since 2.x is to be cross-platform, what better way to test it out than to install Qt4 on my Mac at work? Unfortunately this proved more work than I thought.